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 I am so glad you are interested in becoming a coach.  It is the best decision I ever made.
Why join Fun Stampers Journey?  Let me tell you a few reasons why:
  • The Products- it is the best in the crafting business!
  • Discounts- don't we all want to get a discount?  For coaches, we get 20% off everything we buy!
  • Crafting Family-  You are joining a crafting community of over 1,300 coaches throughout the United States who support you, cheer you on and just have fun!
  • Support- when you join, you get me as your upline.  I am here to help you be successful in anyway you want to be as a coach.
There are so many other reasons, but I can't tell you all the secrets!  :)

Ready to Become a Coach?

Here's how:
First, chose what starter kit you would like:

Next, go ahead and shoot me an email ( and we can set you up together or visit my site here and choose Become a Coach!
Welcome to the family!

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